40 Two Word Quotes That Can Bring a Revolution in Your Life

Have you ever noticed the impact that words have upon us? If someone uses harsh words for us, it hurts us and when someone speaks kind words to us, we immediately feel better and happy which goes to show that language is not only a tool for human beings but also plays with our emotions. Human beings are well aware of this fact which is why they use it to their benefit like they write quotes which have huge impact on people.

It is astonishing that just some words can bring about a change but they can which is why you might have seen that people often print out different quotes and decorate their surrounding areas with different sorts of quotes. The interesting thing about quotes is that they reflect the personality of the person that prints them out which means that if you want to know the person, just see the quotes in his room or office or any other space that he/she frequently uses. We are a firm believer in the power of two word quotes because we have seen them changing lives of so many people that it is sometimes unbelievable yet it is the truth.

Two Word Quotes

In this article, we thought we would write down some two word quotes which our readers might enjoy. Even though they will be short, they will be full of impact and easy to have on print outs.

1. Eyes Talk

People who deny the truth that eyes talk are just afraid of what they are saying. If you want to know what a person is trying to say, just look into their eyes.

2. Take Chances

You never fully live your life if you do not take chances and face the possibility of failures. Risks are part of life but you might just succeed if you take a chance.

3. Stay Strong

Life can be so tough on some people that it might feel like it is the end but if they just stay strong and hold on, they will see that good times will come for them.

4. Free Yourself

People do not know this but they are never free so we are telling you to free yourself from everything that is holding you back or making you sad.

5. Love Life

If you do not love something, how do you expect it to become better? Love life and notice how it gets better and becomes more enjoyable.

6. Be Wild

Every moment is new but if you let it pass, it becomes a thing of the past so our advice to you is to be wild and be free and live life to the fullest.

7. Be Kind

Karma is real and if you do not want it to be bad for you then it is necessary to be kind to others and even yourself and it will make the world a better place.

8. Be You

We never give ourselves a chance to be real so from this moment onward, try to just be yourself and see how your life becomes easier and worth living.

9. Carry On

Life does not stop for anyone so no matter what happens, you should carry on because each moment is precious and an important part of your life.

10. Never Settle

The best advice that we can give you is to never settle i.e. never settle for anything less than you deserve, never settle down when you can go out and enjoy life etc.

11. Enjoy Today

Every moment is passing and becoming the past so enjoy today, do something that you have never done before even if makes you scared or apprehensive.

12. Hakuna Matata

This famous quote means that you should not worry for the rest of your days because worrying gets you nowhere but a free mind gets you everywhere.

13. Adventure Awaits

Keep moving forward in your life because each new passing day brings you closer to your next big adventure which can entirely change your life.

14. Be Happy

You hear this quote a lot but have you ever truly applied it to yourself? Everyone deserves happiness then why not take the quota of happiness that you deserve?

15. Dream Big

Some bad people might always tell you to not think too much but we challenge you to dream big and create opportunities for yourself and even others.

16. Think First

If you want to have a good life and not hurt others then you should always think first before you allow any words out of your mouth.

17. Move Mountains

Do you know that you have the strength to move mountains? No matter how big, bulky or stubborn the mountain is, you can move it because you are you.

18. I Can

As soon as you say “I can”, you can actually do anything that you want because you are that strong and able to do whatever you set your heart on.

19. Choose Joy

As human beings, we have a lot of choices and we make different ones each day so why do we not choose joy? Once you choose joy, your turn will turn around for the better.

20. Be Brave

Life can be scary but never let it beat you down, always be brave and take on challenges that life throws at you, no matter how hard they are.

21. Stay True

Do not try to fake something just to please others, stay true and see how the world accepts you for who you are.

22. Try Again

No matter how many times you fail or do not get the results that you want, try again and again and as many times as it takes.

23. Be Fearless

When you are such a supreme creature, would you let fear control you? Discard all your fears and do all that that makes you afraid.

24. Be Silly

Never be afraid to be silly because it would fill your life with fun and laughter and would bring you joy like you have never experienced before.

25. Love Yourself

If you do not treat yourself right, how do you expect anyone else to do so? Love yourself and others will love you too.

26. Look Up

When life gets you down, look up and remember that you can do life and succeed at it no matter what.

27. I Am

You only need to define yourself and that is what you will become so say “I am” and become whatever you want.

28. Be Badass

People are scared of other people’s wildness but we would tell you to go be a badass and conquer the world any way that you want to.

29. Encourage Others

One of the secrets to a happy existence is to encourage others and see them grow, do that and you will feel your heart filled with joy.

30. Self Made

When a person struggles and works towards a goal and finally achieves it, the elation and satisfaction felt is immeasurable so become a self made human being.

31. Start Today

Do not say “I will do it tomorrow” because that tomorrow never comes. Put in all your energy and start today to change your world today.

32. Endless Love

It might be hard to believe but this world holds endless love because there are people who are full of love so be one of them and spread it around.

33. Just Love

With so much negativity in the world, why not try to make a change by discarding every bad notion and just love everyone and everything on this planet?

34. Accept Yourself

It is never too late in life to accept yourself as you are and be confident that you are the best version of yourself and there is no one else like you.

35. Play Nice

We firmly believe that if you play nice, you will get nice which basically means that you will get what you deserve.

36. Think Different

The world is full of same minded people so dare to be different and think in a way that no one has thought in before.

37. Have Faith

No matter what you are doing or planning to do, have faith in yourself and in a good outcome and you will see your dreams turn into reality.

38. Just Jump

Do not let your over thinking stop you from living so just jump right into whatever you want to do, no matter how crazy it is.

39. No Boundaries

We as humans place a lot of boundaries on ourselves which limit our happiness so break them down and just follow your heart.

40. Think Twice

It is good to be spontaneous but not always so in some matters, you should think twice and it will benefit you.

We do not always feel motivated and need an external push sometimes so why not let the above best powerful short two word quotes be your external push? You can either choose a few or all of them and incorporate them in every aspect of your life. It might sound crazy but if you want to change yourself and your life around, many of these short inspirational two quotes will help you do that marvelously so start right now because time will not wait for you.

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