100 Funny Contact Names for Best Friend To Save In Your Phone

Can’t think of a brilliant contact name for your best friend? If you have a best friend in your life then you are the luckiest person alive and there is no doubt about that. So how have you saved this person’s number in your cellphone? Since a best friend is the person who is there with you through thick and thin, he/she is the person who never leaves you no matter how tough the going gets then do you not think that that special deserves to be named something creative? If you agree with our point, you would love the list of 100 contact names that we have prepared.

When you know that your best friend is someone that you cannot live without, why not give them a unique nickname? If their number is saved with their name on your phone, edit it and put in something crazy and fun. We have come up with a list that has all the sweet and wild contact names for best friend that you can think of. The great thing about the 100 contact names for best friends is that they can be used by anyone and for any gender. The contact names are tailor made for best friends so grab your phone, choose 1 contact name out of the 100 and save that instead of your best friend’s real name in your phone.

List of 100 Contact Names for Best Friend

  1. Adorbs Hooman
  2. Amigo
  3. Apprentice
  4. Baby Girl
  5. Bae
  6. Better Than the Rest
  7. Biatch
  8. Blessing
  9. Boo
  10. Boop
  11. Boss Person
  12. Bub
  13. Bubbles
  14. Buddy
  15. Butterfly
  16. Champ
  17. Constant Presence
  18. Cotton Candy
  19. Cuddle Bunny
  20. Cutie Pie
  21. Dance Buddy
  22. Darth Vader
  23. Dazzling Light
  24. Devil in Disguise
  25. Dragon
  26. Drama Queen
  27. Drogo
  28. Dudette
  29. Edge Lord
  30. Elmo
  31. Everything Good
  32. Eye Candy
  33. Firework
  34. Floofy
  35. Flower Child
  36. Fluff Ball
  37. Food Giver
  38. Furby
  39. Gandalf
  40. Gangsta Human
  41. Gossip Girl
  42. Happy Place
  43. Heart n Soul
  44. Home Girl
  45. Hot Mess
  46. Hot Pal
  47. James Bond
  48. Jaw Dropper
  49. Koala Bear
  50. Kool Kid
  51. Life Source
  52. Lil Angel
  53. Listening Ear
  54. Lulu
  55. Ma Babe
  56. Main
  57. Messer
  58. Mirror Self
  59. Monkey Butt
  60. Worldwide
  61. Muffin
  62. My Precious
  63. Number 1
  64. Number 1 Priority
  65. Oxygen
  66. Partner in Crime
  67. Party Animal
  68. Pretty Woman
  69. Price Charming
  70. Pumpkin
  71. Pure Gold
  72. Shawty
  73. Shot of Life
  74. Show Stopper
  75. Sidekick
  76. Sleeping Beauty
  77. Sloth
  78. Smarty Pants
  79. Snowflake
  80. Snuggles
  81. Sparkle of Life
  82. Spice of Life
  83. Squidward
  84. Squishy Human
  85. Star
  86. Sunshine
  87. Super Hero
  88. Support System
  89. Sweet Cheeks
  90. Sweet Face
  91. Teddy Bear
  92. The Mad King
  93. Tiger
  94. Tinkerbell
  95. Together Forever
  96. Twinnie
  97. Unicorn
  98. Wild Child
  99. Wings
  100. Wizard

Make sure that you share the contact name for friends with her/him as that will double the fun. Since there are  100 creative contact names for best friend, you can always mix and match the names that we have provided to get something new or you can simply use one contact name after another from time to time and you will not run out of them as there are 100 contact names for friends to save in your phone.

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