45 Easy, Cool & Fun Stuff To Draw When Bored

Have you ever gotten those urges to draw something but you did not know what to draw? People have this misconception that only artists like to draw. We call it a misconception because people who are not that great at drawing also have love for the art and wish to draw from time to time even if their drawings are not legible. If you are one of those people who does not possess amazing drawing skills but still like to indulge yourself in it then this easy stuff to draw article is definitely for you.

Since we recognize that many of our readers are enchanted with the idea of drawing but do not know how to or do not know what to draw, we thought that we would help our readers in becoming an artist by providing a list of easy stuff to draw and do not take a lot of time which means that the result would definitely be great and you will end up feeling like Picasso perhaps.

Easy stuff to draw

You can choose as many easy stuff to draw as you like from the list or even one. The main purpose of the list is to provide you with ideas so that you can draw away to your heart’s desire and have a lot of fun while doing it so let us begin with the list of easy things to draw.

1.     Grapes

You might be thinking that grapes are not the greatest stuff to draw but pick up your pen or pencil and draw a whole bunch of grapes and you would see the beauty of it right in front of you.

2.     Airplane

This is a thing that provides you with a lot of option because the level of difficulty depends upon you. You can start off with a simple one and progress onto a really hard airplane.

3.     Human Eye

Human eye is one of the most enchanting thing ever and no matter how ugly you draw it, it will still be illuminative and would seem to be giving some sort of message that few could get.

4.     Cricket Bat

You can take a break with drawing something simple like a cricket bat and you just have to be careful with keeping the planes of it correct and it will be perfect.

5.     Hockey

Even if you have never played hockey, you can associate yourself with it by drawing the hockey stick. Add some colours to it to make the hockey stick look exciting and beautiful.

6.     Foot Print

If you think that all the above things are quite ordinary then you can spice up your drawing experience with drawing a footprint which can be of any size and can belong to any creature.

7.     Puzzle Piece

Puzzle piece is quite a quizzical and unusual thing and you might not have seen people drawing so why not be unique and scroll away the curves and edges.

8.     Chalk

We again encounter an easy thing like a chalk but you can bring life to the page by drawing coloured chalks and maybe you can even throw some glitter on it to make it sparkle.

9.     Banana

Drawing a banana is fine but drawing a whole bunch of bananas is taking it up a notch but do not worry, we promise that it will not be difficult but it will definitely be very different.

10. Battery

Battery gives you so many options because you can draw any type of battery that belongs to anything. It all depends upon your imagination and you can even create a new battery on the page.

11. Sandals

We have mentioned quite a lot of easy things up till now and even though sandals are quite easy to draw, you would have to be careful about the curves, planes, edges and what not.

12. Knife

A knife is easy enough to draw but you have to pay proper attention to it or else you might end up drawing something that does not even remotely resemble a knife so be careful.

13. Compass

If you have never seen a compass, you can either search online or just simply draw a circle and put down the coordinates i.e. north, south, east and west in the right spaces.

14. Eraser

If you feel that the compass was too hard to draw or that you could not figure it out then do not worry and give drawing another go by simply drawing a small eraser in any shape.

15. Balloons

Balloons are perhaps one of the things that we have been drawing since we were kids because everyone loves balloons so you should not have any problem at all and you can even draw them of different shapes.

16. Ice Cream

Ice cream is not only good to eat but it is fun to draw too. We will recommend that you use draw a tall ice cream and fill it up with different colours to depict different flavours of it.

17. High Heel

Choose either a ladies’ or gents’ shoe and draw a very high heel of the shoe. The type of shoe and heel depends upon you and you can even draw the type of shoe that you like.

18. Leaves

Drawing natural things is always fun because they are not only mesmerizing but they are uniquely made so have fun by drawing leaves and you can copy the shape of different leaves.

19. Candle

Candle is an interesting man made object that is easy enough to draw and you can make it charming by creating shadows and adding dimensions to the flame of the candle.

20. Heart

We are not talking about drawing a human heart as that is quite heart. Instead you can draw the simplified version of heart that is seen everywhere and you can even make a design out of it.

21. Moon & Stars

If you want to make your drawing interesting, you can draw the moon in the shape of the crescent and cover the whole page with twinkling stars of different sizes and colours even.

22. Trophy

Trophy is an object that we all like to have but do not get so why not draw one for you? You can give yourself a trophy by copying the image of the trophy on a page and voila!

23. Pine Apple

Pine apple is one of the most interesting fruits to draw because of its texture. You can draw a whole pineapple by making an oval and covering it up with dots and then drawing the top part.

24. Umbrella

Umbrellas are the classic easy thing to draw as you just need to draw the top to which a stick is attached and the stick is curved at the end to make the handle of the umbrella.

25. Globe

A globe is hands down one of the easiest thing to draw on this planet earth. All you need to do is to draw a circle and cover it with squiggly lines to depict the land of the earth.

26. Cup

Even though cup is considered to be an easy thing to draw, you would need to keep your focus entirely on it while you are drawing it so that you do not mess up the different parts.

27. Glass

Why not draw your luck and draw a glass? It is not necessary to draw a fancy glass, you can easily do draw a simple enough glass by drawing an oval at the top and drawing four vertical lines attached to it with one horizontal line at the bottom.

28. Lips

If you do not know how to draw lips then it is not a problem because you can just look at anyone’s lips and try to replicate them by drawing curves in the right way you would be done.

29. Scissors

You might have never noticed it but a scissors is two knifes entwined in a clever way so if you have already drawn a knife then drawing a scissors would be a piece of cake for you.

30. Foot in snow

You might be wondering how you would draw a foot in snow but you can easy depict it by showing a partially visible foot that is submerged in a pile of snow, just remember to show some parts of the foot.

31. Cricket Ball

Drawing a cricket bat without its other half seemed kind of cruel which is why we are introducing cricket ball too, all you need to do is draw a circle and draw dotted lines on it.

32. Love Puzzle

We talked about a simple puzzle before but why not draw a love puzzle? You can do it by drawing a whole puzzle set with hearts on it but the pieces should not be joined together.

33. Victory Sign

It is quite a famous sign and you have probably seen it all around you, especially on social media. You would need to a fist with two fingers raised and the fingers should be spaced apart.

34. Batman Shield

If you did not find any of the above objects interesting then you would definitely find this one amazing because everyone loves Batman and drawing his shield would be cool.

35. Captain America Shield

It did not seem fair to not mention the shield of Captain America so draw a shield and put a star in the centre of it and surround it with strips and colour in using blue, red and white.

36. Nose

When drawing easy things, some human features are included in the list which is why you see nose on the list as it only requires you to draw a few curves a straight line that is all.

37. Butterfly

Butterfly is on the list because you could draw it in a simple way by making the wings and the body in the centre and make it interesting by drawing breath taking patterns on it.

38. Bee

A bee might not be as beautiful as a butterfly but drawing one is just as easy. The difference is that the body would be thicker and bigger and the wings of the bee would be tiny.

39. Football

In order to draw a football, you would need to draw a medium sized circle and draw octagons on it. You can then fill in the octagons with your pencil and leave some.

40. Coffee mugs

Mugs are easy enough to draw and in order to show a coffee mug, you can either fill it to the brim with a brown liquid or you can just draw a coffee bean on the front of the mug.

41. Apple

An apple a day keeps the doctor away is a common saying so why do you not keep the art critics away by drawing a spectacular apple that is big and shiny with a little leaf on top.

42. Glass of Water

If you have been following the list and drawing along with us then you have already drawn a glass so you can show the water by drawing a wavy line halfway through the glass to show water.

43. Bicycle

Bicycles are a big part of everyone’s life so let us roll in the childhood by drawing a bicycle. All you need to draw is the tires, seat, paddle, handles and the framework of the bicycle itself.

44. Feather

Even though drawing a feather is not difficult at all, it is dazzling enough to capture anyone’s attention if you just make it interesting by shading it a bit and making it thicker than usual.

45. Pair of Socks

We would recommend that you make woollen socks and you can do so by making the regular socks a bit more bulky and fluffy than usual and draw cartoons on them to make them cute.

46. Bulb

Bulbs are easy enough to draw as you only need to draw a circle and draw the bottom part to be a bit jutting out, add the filament, wires etc. in the centre and you would have yourself a bulb.


Even though we have ended our list of easy stuff to draw, it does not at all mean that you should stop drawing because if drawing gives you pleasure, you should spend your time doing it and make yourself happy. This is a brief list which contains few things but there are more easy things to draw out there in the world, all you need to do is to look around in the environment and draw away.

Let us know if we missed any other easy stuff to draw when bored.

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