100 Funny Contact Names for Mom To Save In Your Phone

Have you faced the dilemma when you are saving your mom’s phone number in your device but you do not know what name to put in? Of course you could always put in mom, mum or mommy but these are so generic and clichéd. Do you not want to give a unique name to the woman who gave birth to you and raised you? Of course it is your choice to change her contact name but we assure you that if you change it, you will have heaps of fun. It will be pleasant whenever your mom calls you and a funny nick name pops up on your screen.

Some people choose sweet and lovely or funny contact names for mom while others opt for more edgy and fun names. It all depends on the type of person that you are and the kind of relationship you have with your mom. If you have always had her number saved as “mom”, why not try a different approach and take it up a notch? Try out something completely new and bizarre that you have used before. You can check out our list of 100 cute and funny contact names for mom.

List of Contact Names for Mom

  1. Adorb Cushion
  2. Alarm Clock
  3. All Day Everyday
  4. Anchor
  5. Answer to Prayers
  6. Apple of My Eye
  7. Awesomeness
  8. Beaut
  9. Birth Giver
  10. Boo Boo Fixer
  11. Boss
  12. Bunny Mummy
  13. Burst of Life
  14. Candy Floss
  15. Captain
  16. Care Bear
  17. Chief
  18. Comfort Giver
  19. Commander
  20. Cuddle City
  21. Cutie Patootie
  22. Distributor of Chores
  23. Divergent
  24. Doll
  25. Dot
  26. Easy breezy
  27. Fairy
  28. Finder of Lost Things
  29. Firefly
  30. Food Maker
  31. Fresh Air
  32. Glitter of Life
  33. Glue
  34. Gorgeous
  35. Grocery Reminder
  36. Healer
  37. Heart Eyes
  38. Her Highness
  39. Honey Bunch
  40. Honey Pop
  41. Kawaii
  42. Khaleesi
  43. Lady Greatness
  44. Law Maker
  45. Life Force
  46. Life Sustainer
  47. Light in Dark
  48. Luminous
  49. Maestro
  50. Magical
  51. Major Mum
  52. Mamacita
  53. Mammy
  54. Management
  55. Marshmallow
  56. Master of All
  57. Melody of Heart
  58. Mommylicious
  59. Momney
  60. Momster
  61. Momsy
  62. Momvey
  63. Momzilla
  64. Moon Pie
  65. Moonlight
  66. Motha
  67. Mother Hen
  68. Mother of Me
  69. Mothership
  70. Mumon
  71. Nightingale
  72. Ninja
  73. Old But Feisty
  74. Old But Gold
  75. Penguin
  76. Piece of Heaven
  77. Potato
  78. President
  79. Provider
  80. Queen
  81. Queen Bee
  82. Rainbow
  83. Ruler of All
  84. Savior
  85. Shifu
  86. Solver of Problems
  87. Soother
  88. Spirited
  89. Stress Reliever
  90. Sugar
  91. Superwoman
  92. Sweet Pea
  93. Sweetness Defined
  94. Sweetums
  95. Taffy
  96. Teacher
  97. The Force
  98. Top Head
  99. Wholeness
  100. Wise Mum

Whether you choose from our given list or something else, try to make it unique so that it can bring burst of fresh air in your life. We would suggest that you decide upon a cool contact name for your mom then take a screen shot of her contact and send it to her. She would probably love it and have a laugh out of it. You can change her contact name from time to time and have a little bit of fun by bonding with her over her name in your phone. If you think that your mom might not be okay with the edgy names, you can always choose the sweet names out of the list of contacts names for mom that are listed above.

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