150 Unique & Funny Weight Loss Team Names

Health is everything but people often do not realize it. It is a common practice in every part of the world that they would rather satisfy the desires of the tongue than the needs of the body. The body needs nutritious food but the tongue demands junk food and that is what most people comply with. Weight loss is an important part of being healthy because most health problems stem from being overweight.

We support people who form teams together to lose weight because there is motivation in numbers. Motivation can be increased by number of factors and one of them is forming up names for your weight loss teams. We have come up with 150 unique and funny weight loss team names and you can choose any that you like.

Weight Loss Team Names List

  1. Abandoner of Bad Food
  2. Advocates of Nutritious Food
  3. All About That Waist
  4. All Smiles
  5. At the Best
  6. Better Choices
  7. Bikini Ready
  8. Bliss of Health
  9. Bodies Reflect Our Values
  10. Bulky Boys
  11. Burn It Up
  12. Bust Out Your Bod
  13. Calories Matter
  14. Calories Observers
  15. Captains of Picturesque Bodies
  16. Cast Your Weight
  17. Cause to Live for
  18. Cell U Lite
  19. Checkers of Weight
  20. Choice Makers
  21. Choosers of Leanness
  22. Clavicle Girls
  23. Collar Bone Squad
  24. Complete the Journey
  25. Conquerors of Weighing Machines
  26. Couch Broccolis
  27. Curves in the Right Places
  28. Cut the Fat
  29. Cutting Out Bad Habits
  30. Dedicated to Fitness
  31. Defeaters of Fat
  32. Die Carbs
  33. Divas of Health
  34. Droppers of Pounds
  35. Dropping Weight
  36. Dwindling Inches
  37. Era of Skinnies
  38. Experts at Losing Weight
  39. Fall of Fat Bodies
  40. Fantastic Bods
  41. Fat Buster
  42. Feather Light Weight
  43. Figures of Power
  44. Fit Companions
  45. Fit In Everywhere
  46. Fit Men
  47. Fit Up
  48. Fitness Nuts
  49. Fixing Internal Mechanisms
  50. Flab Less Squad
  51. Flaunt Your Health
  52. Forever Young
  53. Freedom Fighters
  54. Gain it All
  55. Game of Foods
  56. Get Fit
  57. Get Over Bad Health
  58. Glory of Muscles
  59. Goal Achievers
  60. Good Life
  61. Guardians of Our Bodies
  62. Hard Core Weight Loss
  63. Health Before Wealth
  64. Health Whisperers
  65. Healthy Dimension
  66. Healthy Geeks
  67. Highway to Health
  68. Hit the Gym
  69. Hope
  70. Hot Bod
  71. Hourglass Bodies
  72. Hungry For Nutrition
  73. Iron Kings
  74. Jacked Up on Protein
  75. Just the Right Curves
  76. Kick Out Junk Food
  77. Kicking Junk Food Out
  78. Kicking Out Carbs
  79. Kill Your Extra Weight
  80. Killers of Guts
  81. Leaders of Good Life
  82. Lean Muscles
  83. Lean Pals
  84. Less of Us
  85. Light on the Feet
  86. Light Up the Body
  87. Lords of the Muscles
  88. Lose It Off
  89. Lose the Pounds
  90. Lose to Gain
  91. Lose to Survive
  92. Losing Extra Pounds
  93. Melt It Away
  94. Men of Steel
  95. Mission Fat Loss
  96. Models of Fitness
  97. Muffin Can’t Stop Us
  98. Muscle Over Fat
  99. Muscle Packers
  100. Muscle Queens
  101. Muscle Warriors
  102. Muscly Folks
  103. Nay Sayers
  104. New Life
  105. No Excuses
  106. No Jiggles
  107. No Regrets
  108. Nutritious Destiny
  109. Peachy Health
  110. Perfect Guts & Glory
  111. Perfect Inch Waists
  112. Perfect Size
  113. Picture Perfect
  114. Promoters of Healthy Bodies
  115. Protectors of Well-being
  116. Resistance for Survival
  117. Righteous Bods
  118. Rise of Glorious Bodies
  119. Rise of the Muscles
  120. Rulers of Perfect Bodies
  121. Saviors of Our Bodies
  122. Select Your Destiny
  123. Shed the Fat
  124. Shed the Weight
  125. Shredded with Muscles
  126. Skinny All Over
  127. Skinny Jeans
  128. Slim Like a Celebrity
  129. Slim Magnets
  130. Slim Slimersons
  131. Slimmer than All
  132. Starve Out the Fat
  133. Steel Bodies
  134. Strength Carriers
  135. Super Healthy Folks
  136. Sweet Pain of Fitness
  137. Take Off
  138. Take to the Treadmill
  139. The Slinkers
  140. Thin n Healthy
  141. Trotters of Fitness
  142. Upgraded Bods
  143. Veggies Over Junk Food
  144. Waist Watch
  145. Weight Losers
  146. Weight Management
  147. Weight Watchers
  148. Win at Everything
  149. Winds Under Our Wings
  150. Winners of Life

We would like to give you a tip that when you are choosing a name, make sure that all your team members agree on it because that is one great to boost morale and create devotion to the cause. Armed with some great, unique & funny weight loss team names, you would be able to plough on your journey of weight loss. We wish you well on your journey and know that your dedication will help you achieve your goals.

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