25 Best, Inspirational, Powerful & Short One Word Quotes

The title of the article might seem a bit confusing but it is quite simple because we wish to talk about quotes that are only of one word. Whenever we think about the word ‘quote’, we always think about some words which would increase our wisdom and would touch our soul so you might be thinking how just a single word can do all of that? The truth is that even one word can wake up our soul and teach us a lot because that is the power of language and human perception.

One word Quotes are often printed on paper, put in a frame and hung on a wall but they do not exist just to beautify a room or add personality to it, they exist so that they can have an impact on human beings. It is true that it is fun to read quotes and it is a great way to pass time but they can be so much more, it all depends upon the reader and every way that readers perceive quotes is right because the perception of the reader matters.

One Word Quotes

Let us get back to our main topic of the article by talking about different one word quotes.

1. Live

We all think that we are living but the truth is that we are merely breathing. Can we say for ourselves that we have truly lived every single day of our lives?

2. Love

Love is a word that is used so commonly that it sometimes tends to lose its meaning but we think that the meaning of love means to be completely selfless and love the other being.

3. Create

The human mind is so advanced yet we use it for mediocre things, why not use our mind to create things? Creation does not always need to be big or loud, it could be tiny yet marvelous.

one word simple quote

4. Glamour

If a human has that zing of glamour in himself then he only needs to touch or pay attention to someone or something to make it all glamorous.

5. Peace

Peace seems to be an elusive concept for most people and there are only handful that can say that they are truly at peace but it is so amazing that everyone should strive to achieve it.

6. Positivity

In today’s world where negativity has its claws buried in deep, positivity is a force that is necessary to spread which is why all of us should think and do positive.

7. Change

People are often scared of change but it is necessary because if we do not change, we are going to be stagnant and left behind so we should change for the better.

8. Dream

Through the system of the world, we are being forced to think inside the box only but we should try to dream and do it big so that we can change our lives and the world too.

9. Light

People suffer due to the darkness in their lives so why not become light for them? When you become light, you can show anyone and everyone the way.

10. Thrive

Is it fair if we only live in life but not thrive? Each moment of this life is precious so why not spend it thriving to our full potential?

11. Grow

For living beings, growth is inevitable but what about mental and emotional growth? When we start expanding our mind and emotions beyond the norms, that is when we truly grow.

12. Appreciate

If you just start trying to appreciate the little things in your life, you would see how big of an impact it will have on your happiness and prosperity in your life.

13. Help

When you start helping other living beings, you feel that profound sense of relief and happiness like you were made to do this and this only i.e. it is your purpose.

14. Breathe

Breathing is a natural process so why is this here? Even though we mechanically and automatically breathe, we do not do it right so today we are telling you to breathe deeply and exhale all the negativity and stress out of yourself.

15. Fly

We are always told to run towards our goals but why not fly? We should fly so hard and high that we leave every bad thing behind and only fly towards happiness and good life.

16. Shine

All those people around you that try to diminish you and belittle you, ignore them and shine as brightly as you can because you have it in you and you deserve to be seen by everyone.

17. Succeed

When we say succeed, we do not mean in material things only, we are talking about succeeding in life by being happy and being yourself only.

18. Think

Many people might not agree with us but thinking can expand the human mind and allow it to grow to great lengths and do great things.

19. Hope

If you stop hoping then how are you living? A person can only continue living if he/she continues to hope, it can be about anything whether it is is possible or not.

20. Blissful

Even though life is similar to a roller coaster and there are ups and downs, it can be blissful if you take control of it and just do things that make you happy.

21. Inspire

Did you know that you can inspire others? All you need to do in order to inspire others is to be yourself and be open.

22. Be

We tell people to just be. Life can get super difficult but you should never give up on it. Just be and see the great turns life can take for you.

23. Classy

You do not need to have the right accent, heavy words or crisp clothes to be classy, you can be classy by believing in yourself and being confident about being you.

24. Ambition

Ambition is the force that can drive you to do anything so the secret to a successful life is being ambitious.

25. Forgive

You can never be happy if you hold grudges about people and never forget your past which is why it is necessary to forgive people.


There are so many one word quotes written above but which would you choose? You can play a fun little game to learn more about yourself; all you need to do is choose some one word quote that truly touch you and resonate within you and note them down. When you would look them over, you would get to know what type of a person you are or what type of a person you aspire to be. We hope that each of the above quote would affect at least one person reading this article and bring a positive effect in his/her life because our goal is to end the negativity in this world by spreading positive quotes. Each time one quote effects and improves a person, the world gets better slowly but steadily.

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